Common Questions From Patients:

+QUESTION: I ate seeds and/or nuts within 3 days of procedure. Can I still have my procedure done?

ANSWER: Yes, in general the procedure can still be performed, but visibility may be affected. What kind of seeds? Berry seeds are the worst. Drink plenty of fluids to flush out the seeds/nuts. Nuts aren't such a problem as they are usually too big to clog up the channels in the scope.

+QUESTION: If I didn't stop my aspirin/NSAIDS three days before as I was instructed, can I still have my procedure?

ANSWER: Yes. There will be a slight increase risk of bleeding if biopsies are taken or polyps removed. If you have any questions or concerns, please call and ask to speak with a nurse.

+QUESTION: I forgot to stop taking my blood thinner medicine (Coumadin, Plavix, Aggrenox, etc.)

ANSWER: Unless you were instructed by your doctor to continue these medicines, you will need to call the office and speak with a nurse.

+QUESTION: I couldn't keep down the prep - vomited. What should I do?

ANSWER: If you were able to keep down the prep for a least 20 minutes, you should be OK as this is generally enough time for the prep to pass beyond the stomach. If you have made the attempt and kept down some of the prep and your last bowel movement was liquid and relatively clear, we will do the procedure. If you become nauseated in general, please let your doctor know as he may prescribe an anti emetic before taking the prep.

+QUESTION: What if I'm not cleaned out?

ANSWER: If you are putting out liquids and it isn't clear or yellow, we will proceed as long as there isn't any solid stool. If there is a solid stool, we will need to reschedule.

+QUESTIONS: What meds should I take before coming?

ANSWER: Heart and blood pressure meds can be taken with a sip of water before coming for the procedure. If we are looking into your stomach (upper endoscopy), we ask that you take your pills at least 2 hours before coming in - so should hold off taking diuretic medicine (water pills) the morning of the procedure. The prep usually pulls fluids out of the cells, so you may become more dehydrated if you take your diuretics.

+QUESTIONS: Is it OK to take my pain pills (narcotics) for chronic pain control?

ANSWER: These are OK to take on the days before procedures.

+QUESTIONS: When should I have my ride here?

ANSWER: Your ride should be 1 hour and 15 minutes after you are dropped off. A contact number is needed if your ride is not planning on waiting in the waiting room.

+QUESTIONS: Should I take my Diabetic medicine?

ANSWER: Hold your diabetic medicine the morning of your procedure. Patients are instructed on how the MD wants them to handle their insulin/oral meds the day of the prep when they schedule their procedure.

+QUESTIONS: Should I check my blood sugar?

ANSWER: If you normally monitor your blood sugar at home, please check your sugar before leaving home and let the pre-op nurse know the result. We would rather have your blood sugar high rather than low.

+QUESTIONS: I take antibiotics before dental procedures. Do I need to have them before

ANSWER: Antibiotics are not indicated for endoscopy procedures. However, if you are concerned about receiving antibiotics before your procedure, please speak with your doctor during your office visit (when you schedule your procedure).

+QUESTIONS: Will you perform a colonoscopy on a woman during her menses?

ANSWER: This will not interfere with the performance of a colonoscopy. However, if you are uncomfortable, we will reschedule your procedure.

+QUESTIONS: What if I am not feeling well in the days prior to my procedure? Should I call and cancel?

ANSWER: If you are not feeling well, please call and speak with a nurse. We will cancel a procedure if you are running a fever; otherwise, we will leave it up to you.

+QUESTIONS: Why do I need someone with me for 12 hours?

ANSWER: You are under the influence of a narcotic/sedative and need supervision so that you comply with discharge instructions and avoid complications.

+QUESTIONS: What if I don't have someone to stay with me?

ANSWER: Try to find a neighbor or friend who will be willing to check in on you throughout the day to make sure you're doing alright.

  • We discourage patients taking a taxi/telecare home, but if they have no ride, the MD will be notified ahead of time and the patient will be released.
  • May want to apply VASELINE to the rectum as a barrier BEFORE taking the prep.
  • May Chew gum or have breath mint (no red or purple) before colonoscopy but NOT before EGD.